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IoT solutions for Mediapro.
M2M Cloud installs MIIMETIQ® in robotic video cameras which follow the action remotely for MEDIAPRO.
Mediapro and M2M Cloud Factory have announced an agreement under which M2M Cloud will license MIIMETIQ's software and installation, preparation and maintenance services to Mediapro.

Mediapro will also expand their engineering team during some months through the addition of key engineering talent from M2MCloud.

Mediapro is a multimedia communications group in Spain. Founded in 1994 in Barcelona. The company is involved in movie and television production, as well as media.
Mediapro is part of Imagina, one of the most important audiovisual groups in Europe. With a presence all over the world, the company provides technical and creative solutions in order to create and broadcast any audiovisual product.

"MIIMETIQ® is the most Flexible, Powerful and Scalable M2M development framework in the IoT market, and has one of the most efficient and advanced UI. The M2M Cloud technologies will be excellent companions to Mediapros consumer and professional installations authoring applications for sports clubs, organizations, OEMs and end users."

The collaboration starts with installation of MIIMETIQ® in 6 robotic video cameras which follow the action remotely. They are used for recording training sessions and local TV inserts.
The targeting of MEDIAPRO is medium to small teams – potentially 1000’s, using a pay per use model, charged it by hours.

The MIIMETIQ software analyzes the diagnostics and maintenance – alarms, scheduling, keeping records. Monitoring and recording usage. Helping clients to understand the roles Management and checking permissions, knowing who used what and when.

Josep Rius, Business Development director for M2M Cloud factory, said: "The addition of MIIMETIQ® software to MEDIAPRO's services portfolio will not only allow them to expand their technology base and broaden their product line, but also allows M2M Cloud Factory maintaining its leadership in the Broadcasting market."

M2M CLOUD FACTORY has been created to allow our customers to exploit the possibilities of the IoT with new ways to generate revenue, tighter control, greater efficiency and improved profitability by using its own software called MIIMETIQ®. M2M Cloud Factory is formed by an expert team of software development specialized in M2M Technologies and has the best combination of technology, know-how, methodology and experience for delivering a platform or an application for any successful M2M project.