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M2M Cloud Factory methodologies
Methodologies used in high-tech companies
In M2M Cloud Factory we are committed to constantly evolving, investing improving our processes for handling consumers needs.  We have created a process of excellence, where everyone is committed to “customer first” service.
  • We’ve “stopped the clock” to ensure that our agents are empowered to take as much time as necessary to resolve the consumer’s concern.
  • We are certificated with ITIL certification.
  • We use Scrum to empower our flexibility and adaptability being able to be more productive and clients oriented.
 You have our commitment that we will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing market and consumer needs.

ITIL, formerly known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

The use of Itil methodologies  provide a practical framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business. Increase business productivity, efficiency and effectiveness through more reliable IT services. Define processes with clearly documented accountability for each activity to increase efficiency.  

Align IT services with business priorities to achieve strategic objectives. Increase value from the service portfolio while reducing costs and risk.

Increase competence, capability and productivity of IT staff and better utilize the skills and experience of staff. Improve user and customer satisfaction with IT as well as the end-user perception and brand image.

SCRUM is a process that regularly apply a set of good practices for working collaboratively as a team and get the best possible outcome of a project. These practices support each other and their selection is rooted in a study of how to work with highly productive equipment.

In Scrum partial and regular deliveries of the final product, prioritized by their benefit to the recipient of the project are made.

Scrum is ideally suited for projects in complex environments where you need to get results soon, where requirements are changing or poorly defined, where innovation, competitiveness, flexible entry and productivity are critical.

Scrum also used to solve situations where you want to give the best customer experience, reducing delivery times, reducing costs for clients or even increase the quality.

Using these methodologies companies ensure the quality, speed and delivery time.

At the end what we want is enable the business to keep pace with change and drive business change to its advantage. Help employees to focus on the needs of the customers and user experience rather than spending too much time on technological issues.

What do you think about the use of methodologies in companies? Which methodologies do you recommend?