Why M2M Cloud Factory?

Experience, Methodology, Experience and Choice
About us
M2M CLOUD FACTORY exists to help its customers take full advantage of the wealth of new possibilities coming from the Internet of Things. New ways to generate revenue, tighter control, greater efficiency and improved profitability are all achievable through the use of our unique solution: MIIMETIQ®. M2M Cloud Factory is made up of an expert team of software developers specialising in M2M and combining the best in technology, know-how, methodology and experience to give our customers a complete platform or a specific application to make their M2M project successful.
What we offer?
  • ResourcesResources
    Our Team has a deep knowledge gained for the last several years in the M2M/IoT industry and we count on human, technological, financial and physical resources that provide a mean for evolving and deploying MIIMETIQ® anywhere M2M Cloud Factory has partnerships with the most relevant and reliable actors in the M2M industry and, on top of that our shareholders also has a broad experience in projects involving sensors, remote monitoring and SCADA systems.
  • methodologyProven methodology
    From initial product development using SCRUM methodology through to advance creation of the User experience using ADUX and final agreement of SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) using ITIL, our commitment to the use of tried and tested methods means that M2M solutions, based on MIIMETIQ, can be developed, adapted and deployed quickly and flexibly with the transparency and predictability demanded by our customers.
  • ExperienceCustomer experience
    In the rapidly growing area of the Internet of Things,  MIIMETIQ has already proven its worth in a wide variety of situations and markets. The experience gained has not only contributed to the continued development and improvement of the MIIMETIQ system but it has deepened the experience within the whole M2M Cloud Factory team. New customers will derive great benefit from the experience we have gained through successful deployments with market leading companies such as Nissan, Il Corte Ingles, AENA and MediaPro, to name a but a few. 

    Control and management of greenhouses (<10 devices per greenhouse)
    Auditing and management of TFT screen (roll-out of 25,000 devices)
    Accounting and auditing of electricity consumption (13 millions of daily readings)
  • yalkCustomer choice
    The MIIMETIQ® framework allows Manufacturers, System Integrators and Users to realise end to end platforms or discrete applications for any M2M situation in any market vertical. Your choice of device hardware, connection network and business management system can be fully integrated and systems from very small (tens of devices) to extremely large (millions of devices) can be created. Customers have the freedom to have MIIMETIQ® installed at their  site or provided as a hosted service by their supplier or M2M Cloud Factory.